Mental Toughness Coaching delivers the skills & concepts each athlete, car racing driver and or team need to rise above the distractions, blocks and every day issues that could have an impact on their ideal performance state.

Frame of Mind ~ Mental Toughness Coaching is about understanding the crucial coping mechanisms which can help enhance your performance and role - to keep you and or the team competitive & to stay at the top.

Frame of Mind delivers the coping mechanisms to build Emotional Intelligence for Mental Toughness.




Mental Toughness coach Rebecca Jaeger built a new life after hers had spiralled out of control due to a back injury in 1996. Rebecca was only 27 years old with huge dreams!

The former 3 time Australian Softball Champion and 6 x NRL Cheerleader never expected her life would be stuck on survival after instructing fitness in Japan. Rebecca was on her way to live in America but her journey was over and Rebecca flew back to Sydney to face the injury. Rebecca was an ambitious teen & young adult - this was not part of her plan.

Today, 26 years on - Rebecca now delivers Mental Toughness programs online. After the attempts on her own life, Rebecca knows what you need to create a new life. Rebecca has been on a journey of self-discovery which has evolved to understanding behaviour on a deeper level. Rebecca is also writing 26 children's books to guide children and their parents to learn the coping mechanisms needed to build Emotional Intelligence for Mental Toughness.

From 2009 to 2012 Rebecca studied for a Degree in Sports & Performance. Her 400 hours prac was on the track studying V8 Ute drivers Kim Jane, Jack Elsegood, Grant Johnson and George Miedecke. Rebecca also had the opportunity to study David Brabham.

The opportunity with David Brabham and George motivated her to create a specialised program for drivers who need the coping mechanisms on track.

Rebecca has re -written a performance program for all sportsmen and women. Rebecca guides all with the coping mechanisms to build Emotional Intelligence for Mental Toughness.

Rebecca has had one back operation in 2005 and - in 2020 had 2 discs removed from her neck. Thirty six days later - Rebecca had a 2 level lower back reconstruction which was very painful. Now walking and sitting again after years of being bedridden. Rebecca is now ready to hold her workshops to help with performance anxiety and all fear based related behaviour.

IMAGE: Rebecca representing NSW State Softball in the Australian Championships 1987.

Bec is a 3 time NSW State player and Australian Softball Champion

Frame of Mind focuses on:

The state of mind and recognises the FOG that may hinder performance;

Setting appropriate strategies to overcome performance fog;

Assessing the effectiveness of mental toughness training as it relates to performance;

Intervenes to implement the best practice principals to improve teams ideal performance state;

Guides teams to develop effective boundaries for better decision making;

Teaches the skills required to observe and reflect on their emotional responses;

To allow the flexibility to change their reaction and behaviour to any negative situation or event;

Teaching the tools to help gain a better sense of SELF and have a great awareness of the ‘REAL SELF vs. THE PERFORMER SELF';

Strengthening the teams resilience, emotional flexibility, composure and concentration for race day;

Observing behaviour, attitude and body language when stressed so to improve the recovery period and lessen the negative impact that it may have on individual or team.

Key Learning Goals & Responsibilities for developing Mental Toughness:

Developing effective boundaries, values, & core beliefs;

Strengthening awareness to self-evaluate;

Developing a new positive habit for compensating, adjusting & trusting;

Focusing on the ability to reflect on emotions & feelings before & after a race:

Improving the management of stress, tension & pressure to release the fog;

Being open to change old habits with self -renewal;

Observing behaviour when under difficult & distressing distractions;

Observing & correcting negative inside chatter & - replacing it with positive self-talk with mental imagery;

Adopting & engaging the Self – Evaluation test to check in with attitude, beliefs & behaviour consistently;

Develop an awareness of internal & external motivators when working in a team environment;

Dropping all expectations;

Setting effective goals for team, personal life and family life;

Sacrificing and becoming selfish to create a new winning attitude;

Creating a better balance between work and personal life;

Staying in the present moment. Not the past or the future. It is all about the ‘Here & Now’ sensation;

Understanding the role in the team.




There are times in my own sporting and dance life where I was feeling nauseas - or I had completely zoned out, like I was trapped or stuck. I remember being in the batters box staring at the pitcher but feeling frozen and in some time warp. I remember at least a dozen times over my softball career actually holding my hand up at the umpire whilst I stepped out of the box to regain composure. There were also the times when in the Parramatta Stadium tunnel - about to take the field to dance, I would be blank. Completely in the fog, panicking that I did not know the routine - it was terrifying! To help me - the girls would yell the steps out and then all the fear faded and I could enjoy the routine.

Performance anxiety is real and the most effective way of creating change within was creating the ABC's of Mental Toughness and asking myself - am I living with fear or trust?

'Everyday we are performing - my question is - how well are we?'




Prior to my experiences working with Rebecca, I always had trouble maximising my potential over a race weekend. Among other things, I had difficulty maintaining focus and composure at the races, which too often led to inconsistent performance on the track.

Through Frame Of Mind coaching and the techniques that I learned, my performance has improved both on and off the track. In the first weekend that I started the program, I scored my first round victory and have since continued to enjoy success in racing here in the United States.

In my opinion, in motorsport mental fitness and composure is as important as physical preparation. I'm lucky enough to say that I can thank Rebecca Jaeger and Frame Of Mind for helping me to unlock and maximise my mind - and it's helped me win races!

George Miedecke
V8 Ute Series
USA JTG Daugherty Nascar Team
USA Nascar Development - Marcos Ambrose Motorsport
2013 V8 Development Series Mathew Stone Racing
2022 Touring Car Masters
Bec's ability to guide and help create the new path and approach to challenges, was very different to the sports psychologists I had experienced in the past.
The program allowed me to think and feel differently towards challenges - there was clarity.

'If you want Mental Toughness in your life - you need to become vulnerable - otherwise we are building on false validations and views which leads to failure.'

Rebecca Jaeger